WP-Invoice: Internal Recurring Billing

Create recurring invoices all handled from within your WordPress control panel.

WP-Invoice: Business Locations

Free Add-on to manage locations for your business built with WP-Invoice plugin.

WP-Invoice: Electronic Signature

Make your clients sign invoices before payment to get secure information that will confirm payment

WP-Invoice: Paypal Pro

PayPal Payments Pro has the customization capability, technical maturity, and proven security that is needed to build professional-grade eCommerce sites.

WP-Invoice: Mijireh Checkout

Add-on allows you to extend your WP-Invoice based commercial website giving the new payment option like Mijireh.

WP-Invoice: PDF

Creates PDF versions of your invoices, receipts and that you can easily email and print.

WP-Invoice: Power Tools

Make you invoicing solutions more powerful with WP-Invoice and Power Tools. Sales charts, import and export ability!

WP-Invoice: Quotes

The Quotes Add-on let’s you automate your workflow by creating quotes and letting your clients ask questions regarding quotes directly on your website. Once a quote is approved, it is converted to an invoice with a single click.

WP-Invoice: Single Page Checkout

Makes it easy to create one-page-checkout forms that can accept a variety of different payment gateways, such as, PayPal and others.

WP-Invoice: USAePay

USAePay is a payment gateway service provider allowing merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments through their Web site and mobile devices.