WP-Invoice: Electronic Signature

Welcome to the WP-Invoice: Electronic Signature wiki!

Provide your client an ability to sign invoices prior to payment

Imaging you can get a signature from a client who pays your invoices: you ask for a full name and to write a signature before clicking Pay button. This Add-on makes your imagination come true.

Payers sign invoices directly in a browser by drawing a signature with their mouses or finger (if on mobile or tablet). After payment signature appears on invoice receipt page and on edit invoice page as well in a specific metabox.

Get started

Once plugin is installed and activated you’ll notice the new option in Payment settings of each invoice (Not for manual Payments):

New option

Clients will see the following inputs for a signature. It is required to fill Name and draw a signature otherwise payment will be declined.

New option

After payment signature information appears on back-end on edit invoice page:

New option