Creating an Invoice in WP Invoice plugin

Here are the typical steps you take when you want to create a new invoice. Note that screenshots and text you see on this guide may vary with the interface you see on your WP-Invoice installation, due to constant updating of the User Interface.

To create a new invoice, first step you take is click on “Add New”  under the Invoice menu, on the WordPress dashboard of your website / installation.

You should see the new invoice page, which gives you two ways of creating invoices:

  • Creating new, blank invoices
  • Using an already existing invoice as a template 

We will now see how to do that:

Creating a blank invoice

Should you choose to create a blank invoice, just type in the email address of the person you want to invoice and click on the “Create New” button as seen on the screenshot below:

if you have already invoiced that person in the past and saved their name in the interface, you can type some characters of their name, and that person will appear on a drop-down list, on which you can click and select that person from. Then you just have to click the “Create New” button. You will be automatically redirected to the invoice editing page. 

After that, you are ready to edit the invoice.

Note: In this tutorial we assume that this is your first invoice, so the screenshots and explanations will be for empty invoices. 

Creating an invoice using a template

If you choose to create an invoice by using an already existing one as a template, you have to click the “copy from another” link on the right of the “Create New” button, after you insert the client’s email address or choose him from the list. You will instantly see a drop-down list of past invoices and a button to create the new invoice: 

Practically, what happens here is the duplication of a past invoice, using the email or preselected client as a recipient. Everything apart from the date and time of the invoice will be copied from the old invoice you choose, including line items and possible discounts (you will be able to see if there is a discount on the selected invoice on the drop-down list of old invoices: